visa requirement

Most foreign visitors to China are required to apply for an entry visa,and each participant should therefore submit the visa application at least one month prior to his/her travelling date. The passport should have at least 6 months validity and contains blank pages.

It's important to note that while China offers visa-free entry to travelers from many countries now, the purposes are limited to business, tourism, family visits, and transit, these exemptions do not apply to participation in academic symposiums. Therefore, most international participants have to apply visa before arriving. Please contact your local Chinese embassy or consulate at your earliest convenience to check specific requirements.

Chinese Visa Application

Please email if you need a formal invitation letter for visa application after acceptance of your abstract. We have provided an Invitation Letter Template. Please fill in the blanks and supplement other necessary information required for the VISA application. The information may include your name, gender date of birth, passport number, and the name of the consulate you will apply for the visa in the email. Please consult the local Chinese embassy or consulate. Please send the filled Invitation Letter (word file) to and allow approximately 5 working days for the invitation letter with signature and stamp to be transmitted to you by Email. Bring this invitation letter and all required documents necessary for a visa application to either a Chinese embassy or a consulate nearest to you, and in some countries, through authorized agents of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Invitation letter template.doc